Monday, February 22, 2010

Few words of thanks!

No particular order and I hope I don't forget anyone.

Thanks to Canon and CPS for their support at the Olympic Games. Thanks Bob Malish for your support! Jim Vail and crew have taken really good care of all shooters here in Whistler. Repairs and loans have been a blessing. The new Mark IV worth every penny.

Thanks to Jennifer Mull at Backwoods in Austin, TX for her support. The new Icebreaker underwear is amazing! Wade was right. You can wear this stuff for days without washing and it doesn't stink. I can attest!!! Look forward to my presentation upon my return. So much happens behind the scenes here to get the pictures you see.

Thanks to Jen Brown at Beaver Creek Resort, Mary Helyn Kirwan at Telluride, and Mike Hess at The Peaks Resort in Telluride for you support of my trip through Colorado shooting World Cup events! You guys have a great selection of Olympic photos coming your way when I get home!

Thanks to my good friend Doug Mills from the New York Times for his sofa in Whistler. Always great working with you amigo!

Thanks to Corbis Images for pushing my images out there around the world.

Thanks to Competitive Cameras in Dallas, TX for getting me all those last minute "things" (including that Mark IV) before heading to Canada.

Thanks to my good friend Tim Osburn, my Texas Water Safari team captain and workout partner, who is getting ready for the "World's Toughest Footrace" in the Sahara Desert!

Congratulations to my good friend Elizabeth Kruetz for winning 1st place sports stories in World Press Photo for her Lance Armstrong images. Way to go Liz!!! We all miss you here in Whistler!

Last but not least, thanks to my host Eric Frappier for his hospitality and humor. It's keeps me going and laughing for sure!

To all my family back home, love you!


  1. No thank you for sharing with us. Wish I was there.

  2. Great work E! Hope to see you soon.