Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 7, Vonn and White

Big long day today. Two of the hype stars of the Olympics competed and performed as expected. Beautiful day on the mountain, sunny and cold. Hiked up from the finish to the bottom of "Hot Air" for a clean jump action of Vonn.

Lots of crashes at the jump, but I was too tight with the 600mm to follow them down. The crashes looked great from the finish, but what are you going to do! Lindsey came by and blew the competition away.

Lindsey and Julia Mancuso did gold and silver respectively. Mancuso did a cute little dance on the podium during the flower ceremony.

I stuck around until Lindsey finished all her interviews and got her with excited fans. The monkey is off her back and I expect her to do more of the same.

Ladies' combined tomorrow with 9:30am start for the downhill portiion. Meaning I won't get much sleep since I am writing this at Cypress Mountain and still have three hours before I get to Whistler!

The media coordinated a special direct shuttle from Whistler to Cypress Mountain. Still took two hours, most of which I was sleeping! Still had my ski boots on from the women's downhill. Thought I'd be able to hike up the side of the halfpipe with crampons. I was told, however, that photographers on the sides must have been in place since 11:30am! It was 5pm. All those guys had not moved since then. I happily exchanged my ski boots and crampons for more comfortable hiking boots and shot from the bottom with a 600mm and 70-200 for jubo.

Thira, my daughter called me just before the men went off. It's her 10th birthday today! She sounded great and has been super busy with school and friends since I've been gone. Her bday party is Sunday after a Girl Scout function. I love that little girl so much!
Anyway, it's 1am and I still have a three hour shuttle bus back to the MPC and Whistler so here are a few more pics and I'm outta here.