Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Arrived at the Olympics!

Spent the entire flights from Austin to DFW to Vancouver sound asleep to make up for my lack of it Monday night. Wish I had my camera out as we touched down. Vancouver was beautifully bathed in sunshine. Mountains rising up from the sea. Thousands of freshly cut logs packed in rows floating all along the waterfront. By the looks of it, logging is huge here.

Arrival went as smooth as any other Olympics. Wisked through immigration in special Olympic lines. Caught a glimpse of the two Lindsey's, skier Lindsey Vonn and snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis at luggage claim. Also at arrivals was my good friend Nuccio DeNuzzio, photograper for the Chicago Tribune and another Olympic veteran. We all call each other "Mo", as in "Hey Mo!"

Decided to head up to Whistler sooner than later and glad I did. Took the entire afternoon and evening to get my credential validated, find the Whistler Media Center, find how to get a lift pass, find out where to go Wed morning, talk to the USA luge folks, and finally, find the place where I was dropped off to begin with. Not easy lugging around a heavy backpack, one roller duffel, one rolling case, and one heavy ass ski bag full of all my clothes and skis.

Caught the #78 BCT bus to Squamish where I am staying. Easy enough. My host, Eric Frappier picked me up, took me to McDonalds for some not so fast food. Found Eric's home advertised on Craigslist. $600 for the entire Olympics! Sweet! Nice room, access to the entire house (kitchen, laundry, internet and his truck if I need it) No one locks their homes here. Keeps the keys in his ignition. The only thing he worries about are bears! Bear-proof garbage cans here! Be a drag if they figured out how to open a door and get in the house.

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