Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 9, Long hill ski jump

Getting behind on the posts, sorry. Corbis wanted some pics of Polish jumpers so perfect excuse to get off the mountain for a change of pace. Got there early to exchange by green Photo armband for a silver Pool armband and shoot from under the jump take off.

I blew off the remote shooting up toward the jumpers with rings for the scenic shot with mountains. Like the angle much better.
Timing is critical but you get it down pretty quickly.

Then moved down the stairs for the second round of jumps for a head on shot once the sun came out. Made for nice sidelight and ounce off the snow of the landing hill. The Japanese guy looked pretty cool. The Japanese used to rule this event. Now looks like the Austrians do.

This cool judges house, I think they call it the birdhouse looks funny with the windows and the guys heads sticking out.

A local high school band drumline made for some good entertainment after the jumping was finished.

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  1. I'm digging that ski jumper over the mountains image. Nice perspective Erich.