Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 5, Men's Downhill

Up at 4:30am in my place in Squamish. Actually made it there the night before by a decent time. My host Eric heated up some pasta dish with some hot tea and I was sawing logs the minute I hit the futon. His dog, forget his name, started barking at 5am at something outside. Eric came in and said it was only a bear trying to get into the trash. Nice! That will make those late night walks up to his house after the bus stop lots of fun!

Got to Whistler Creekside at 7am and realized that I had forgotten one important thing, my 500mm lens! Doug Mills to the rescue again. He lent me his. Great friends up here!!! Exchanged green armband for on course blue armband and took gondola up the mountain.

Skied into position to our "secret" spot, that was no longer a secret, but not too many of us there at least. The "dream team" guys offered us a platter of brandy-soaked fruit, bread, cheese and awesome spicy sausage. They have a whole stash of schnapps and wine for after the race!

Bode came down with his coach during inspection. Made for a nice pre-race photo.

Then we shot the first 30 racers. Defago, gold, Svindal, silver, Bode, bronze.

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