Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 4, men's luge training

Spent the night again at Doug Mills' condo. So much easier to wake up and go right there where you need to be. We were out the door at 7am as morning broke on the mountain.

The lights of the men's and women's downhill start houses visible through the clouds enveloping Whistler Mountain.

A quick ride up the gondola, slog through the snow and finally a shuttle bus to the sliding centre.

A wooden safety wall was built early this morning at turn #16, the site of yesterday's deadly crash.

Safety personnel also placed padding on all the steel posts along that stretch.

Doug and I posed for a goofy trackside photo while we shot wide angles of the competitors zooming by.

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  1. Love the photographs! (especially the last one!) Fun experiencing a little behind the scenes at the Olympics, too. Must be a thrill being that close and getting such fantastic shots.