Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 2. Women's Downhill training

Got Day 1 finished late. My good friend Doug Mills of the NYT offered to put me up at his condo instead of trying to make it back to my place in Squamish. Good thing I did. Was in bed by 1030pm on his sleeper sofa in the living room with a fire going in the fireplace. Got up at 6am and at Whistler Creekside at 6:30am to pick up my on-course armband. On the lift before the sun came up!

Got on course as the skiers were inspecting the run. Followed Lindsey Vonn down as she checked her line. No one else following her shooting. Can't believe it!

The fog rolled in as the third forerunner came through forcing postponement, then eventually cancelling Thursday's run. Came down past the cool James Bond helicopter.

The sole of one of my hiking boots blew out. Had to talk to Canon in town and meet with Sports Illustrated, so I took the bus into Vancouver. Did some shopping and got new boots then hit the Canon/Nikon party at the Vancouver Aquarium. Highlight was the jellyfish tank. We were all shooting the beautiful creatures moving through the water.

The Canon boys offered to take me back to Whistler. They jammed me in the back of their SUV with all the giveaway packs they could cram. I'll post that when I get their pics back. I was so jammed in that falling asleep was pretty easy since I couldn't move anything during the 2 hour ride up. They offered the sofa in their humble mansion pictured here. Awesome!

Thanks boys!


  1. Damn fine pics Erich! (and not too shabby in the luck dept too)

  2. Jellyfish rock. Or maybe they roll. Anyhow, they're cool. We watched the opening ceremony at home -- quite a show!

  3. Lindsay doesn't look too happy with you. What did you say to her? ;-)
    Have fun my friend.