Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 6, Ladies' SBX

Sorry for the blog delay. Too much ground to cover. Made it down to Cypress Mountain with Doug Mills. Tough morning. We got to the hill in thick fog, only to be turned back due to wrong parking pass. No way around it, we headed to the MPC in town and caught a bus back up to where we had just been. Took three hours to make the one and half trip.

SBX and the halfpipe are right next to each other. Both requiring a herculean hike up countless stairs with the spectators to the stands and finish area. Cool Olympic rings made for a good pic with boarders flying through the air in front.

Lots of US and Canadian fans in the stands.

A dreadlock French dude from Eurosport made for a funny portrait.

Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones having a bad day. Gold medal favorite Lindsey Jacobellis blew a landing and went off course in her semifinal run and finished last in the heat, not even making the finals.

Maelle Ricker of Canada wins gold.

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